Corporate Risk Management And Insurance Corporate

Corporate Risk Management.

At M & G Consulting we are aware of the importance of having a proper Corporate Risk management in the company.

Therefore, we offer our clients an exclusive Risk and Insurance Consultancy service, helping them to delimit and understand the risks to which they are exposed in the exercise of their activity and which of these risks are transferable to the insurance market.

To do this, we offer a deep study through the understanding of our clients' business reality and define, for each specialty and insurance line, which coverage we consider key to the risk to be covered and the amount of contracted limit more adjusted for an Optimal protection based on the exposed risk (either for Civil Liability through our professionals in law, or Material Damage through an assessment of Maximum Possible or Probable Loss (MPL / MFL assessment) and assessment of damage impact in different scenarios Through our technical professionals).

In this way we achieve three fundamental objectives/ goals of value for our clients:

Transfer to the insurance market adequately those risks that may compromise the integrity and business continuity of our clients, avoiding unforeseen impacts on their income statement.

Ensure optimal protection for the business, avoiding oversized coverage and therefore unnecessary costs

Insurance management with the support of legal professionals and technicians who serve as mediators between the insurance company and our clients, not only in the hiring process but also in possible future claims; Maximizing the positive conclusion of claims and thus protecting their interests.

M & G Consulting offers the following lines of insurance both nationally and internationally:

  • Material Damage (Multi-Risk or All Risk) and Early Loss of Benefits.
  • Civil liability for companies and professionals.
  • Responsibility of Directors/ managers and Officers (D & O).
  • Surety Insurance.
  • Industrial Production Insurance (Consumer goods and equipment, energy production).
  • All Risk Construction Insurance.
  • Fleets of vehicles for company.
  • Accidents and Convention.
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