Accounting Advice

Effective corporate management is based on the proper management of their accounts. By analyzing the accounting data is called the economic reality of the company. The development of accounting is based on documentation provided by the client that our technicians processed and analyzed to try to help you optimize management.

Our work system is streamlined and modern, to give greater efficiency and clarity to the accounting information of your company and you have permanent access to the status of your business.

M & G Consulting offers its Department of Accounting and offers, among others, the following services both nationally and internationally:

  • Management Consulting and Business Accounting
  • Real-time Accounting
  • Upgrading of Accounting
  • Preparation and legalization of Books Accounting Officers

Accounting Services

The scope of our work will consist of the following services:

  • Bookkeeping and handling the accounting issues of the company.
  • Preparation of the official accounting books.
  • Control and follow-up of the cut-off procedures (cost provisions, accruals and impairments).
  • Preparation of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account on a quarterly basis.
  • Bank conciliations and account analysis to ensure the correct presentation of the Financial Statements.
  • Follow-up and control of the financial statements according to the general accounting regulations.
  • Preparation of the Statutory Annual accounts.
  • Answering daily questions regarding accounting matters.

Tax compliance services

  • Elaboration of the following tax returns to be filed before the Tax Authorities.
  • Corporate Income Tax and its prepayments.
  • Value Added Tax (quarterly returns and annual summary).
  • Declarations of operations performed with third parties.
  • Intra communitarian operations.
  • Withholding taxes.
  • Non Resident Income Tax.
  • Answering daily questions with regard to the different Taxes: Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding, taxes, etc.

Payroll Services

Services included in our proposal are detailed as follows:

  • Monthly elaboration of the payslips regarding the salaries of the employees and preparation of the payroll accounting summary.
  • Monthly elaboration of the Social Security contributions.
  • Quarterly elaboration and the annual summary Form regarding the withholding taxes on account to Personal Income Tax.
  • Process of non-residents documentation related to Personal Income Tax Withholdings.
  • Preparation of the Personal Income Tax Withholding certificates.
  • Control of the expiry date of the labour contracts signed by the company with its employees.
  • Following the criteria stated in the corresponding Collective Agreement in force.
  • Proceeding of the sick leaves of the employees.
  • Answering of general questions related to the normal labour activity.