Nueva legislación de aplicación en Seychelles

Nueva legislación de aplicación en Seychelles:

IMPORTANT changes in Seychelles IBCs beneficiary registry

As we mentioned in the one of our previous letters there were very important amendments to Seychelles IBC Act.

Here are the most important changes:

1) the recent amendment act now dictates that records of beneficial owners has to be maintained. Record must be in a register format with the registered agent and that the beneficial owner shall give notice to the registered agent of the particulars to be entered in the register. From now document Notice of Beneficial Owner will have to be prepared and submitted also for all active Seychelles IBCs.

2) Also with effect as of now the register of directors will be filed with the registrar. Every new company shall within 30 days after its incorporation file with the registrar its Register of Directors. Any changes to the content of the register of director shall be filed within 30 days as well. All initial filling of register of directors with the registrar is free for all companies, however any subsequent fillings thereafter with changes will be charged. All existing companies incorporated before this year shall have until the 1st December 2017 to have complied with filling of its Register of Directors. Do note that the register of director is not a public document, however it is planned that by December 2018 this information will be made public.

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